Discography - Erik Norlander

- Into The Sunset (2000)
Into The Sunset / Erik Norlander

1.Sunset Prelude
2.Into The Sunset
3.Rome Is Burning
4.Fanfare For The Dragon Isle
7.Lines In The Sand
8.On The Wings Of Ghosts
10.Into The Sunset Reprise
11.Sunset Postlude

Bonus Track for Japan Only:
12.Alchemy And Astronomy

Produced By Erik Norlander For Think Tank Media

Into The Sunset was performed by:
Arjen Anthony Lucassen: electric and acoustic guitars, all guitar solos
Tony Franklin: fretless bass and additional snare cadences
Greg Ellis: drumkit, ethnic percussion, snare cadences and tanpura
Gameron Stone: cellos
Erik Norlander: all keyboards, additional guitars on 2, 7 and 10, bass guitar on 6, 12 and the piano outtro of 8, orchestral percussion

with guest vocalists:
Glenn Hughes - track 3
Lana Lane - tracks 5 and 9
Edward Reekers - tracks 2, 5, 8, 10 and 12
Robert Soeterboek - tracks 7 and 8

harmony vocals by Mark McCrite, Lana Lane and Robert Soeterbook

Lana Laneのキーボード奏者&プロデューサーでもあるErik Norlanderの2ndソロアルバム。
AyreonつながりでEdward Reekersが参加。2、5、8、10、12の計5曲でVocalを披露している。

# KAYAK時代の"Edwardらしさ"はあまり感じられない。

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