Discography - Ayreon

Ayreonは音の魔術師Arjen Anthony Lucassen(ex. Bodine, Vengeance)のシンフォニック・ロックを追及するプロジェクト。
Kayak関連人脈では、Edward Reekers(1st〜4th)、Ton Scherpenzeel(3rdのみ)が参加している。

- The Final Experiment (1995)
The Final Experiment (1995)


1. Prologue
 A) The Time Telepathy Experiment
 B) Overture
 C) Ayreon's Quest
Act I 'The Dawning'
2. The Awareness
 A) The Premonition
 B) Dreamtime (words become a song)
 C) The Awakening
3. Eyes Of Time
 A) Eyes Of Time
 B) Brainwaves
4. The Banishment
 A) A New Dawn
 B) The Gathering
 C) The Accusation
 D) The Banishment
 E) Oblivion
Act II 'King Arthur's Court'
5. Ye Courtyard Minstrel Boy
6. Sail Away To Avalon
7. Nature's Dance
Act III 'Visual Echoes'
8. Computer-reign (game over)
9. Waracle
10. Listen To The Waves
11. Magic Ride
Act IV 'Merlin's Will And Ayreon's Fate'
12. Merlin's will
13. The Charm Of The Seer
14. Swan Song
15. Ayreon's Fate
 A) Ayreon's Fate
 B) Merlin's Prophecy
 C) Epilogue

Produced and mixed by A.A. Lucassen and O. Holleman, Engineered by Oscar Holleman

The Singers:
Edward Reekers
Lenny Wolf
Robert Soeterboek
Jan-Chris de Koeijer
Ian Parry
Barry Hay
Arjen Lucassen
Jay van Feggelen
Leon Goewie
Ruud Houweling
Lucie Hillen
Mirjam van Doorn
Debby Schreuder

Backing Vocals:
Mirjam van Doorn & Debby Schreuder
Rene Merkelbach
Arjen Lucassen
Jolanda Verduijn, Lucie Hillen, Ruud Houweling
The charm of the seer

The Musicians:
Arjen Lucassen: All guitars, keyboards and bass
Cleem Determeijer: Hammond, minimoog, mellotron, vocoder, oberheim, juno, harpsichord, piano and keyboards
Ernst van Ee: All drums
Jolanda Verduijn: Bas
Peter Vink: Bass
Barry Hay: Alto flute

Edward Reekersが、以下の3曲にてヴォーカルで参加。
 1-A.The time telepathy experiment
 1-C.Ayreon's quest, Dreamtime (words become a song)

- Actual Fantasy (1996)
Actual Fantasy

1. Actual Fantasy
2. Abbey Of Synn
3. The Stranger From Within
4. Computer Eyes
5. Beyond The Last Horizon
6. Farside Of The world
7. Back On Planet Earth
8. Forevermore
9. The Dawn Of Man
10. The Stranger From Within (single version)

Produced and mixed by A.A. Lucassen and O. Holleman, Engineered by O. Holleman assisted by R. Merkelbach

The Singers:
Robert Soeterboek
Edward Reekers
Okkie Huysdens

The Musicians:
Cleem Determeijer: Synth
Rene Merkelbach: Hammond, synth
Arjen Anthony Lucassen: All other instruments
Floortje Schilt: Violin
David Bauchwitz: Little boy
Kiki Holleman: Baby

Edward Reekersが以下の曲にてヴォーカルで参加。
 1.Actual fantasy
 2.Abbey of synn
 4.Computer eyes
 5.Beyond the last horizon
 6.Farside of the world
 7.Back on planet Earth

- Into The Electric Castle - A Space Opera (1998)
Into The Electric Castle - A Space Opera

1.Welcome To The New Dimension
2.Isis And Osiris
 a) Let The Journey Begin
 b) The Hall Of Isis And Osiris
 c)Strange Constellations
3.Amazing Flight
 a) Amazing Flight In Space
 b) Stardance
 c) Flying Colours
4.Time Beyond Time
5.The Decision Tree (we're alive)
6.Tunnel Of Light
7.Across The Rainbow Bridge

1.The Garden Of Emotions
 a) In The Garden Of Emotions
 b) Voices In The Sky
 c) The Aggression Factor
2.Valley Of The Queens
3.The Castle Hall
4.Tower Of Hope
5.Cosmic Fusion
 a) I Soar On The Breeze
 b) Death's Grunt
 c) The Passing Of An Eagle
6.The Mirror Maze
 a) Inside The Mirror Maze
 b) Through The Mirror
7.Evil Devolution
8.The Two Gates
9."Forever" Of The Stars
10.Another Time, Another Space

Produced by
Arjen Anthony Lucassen

The Singers:
Damian Wilson
Sharon den Adel
Anneke van Giersbergen
Edwin Balogh
Arjen Lucassen
Jay van Feggelen
Edward Reekers

Robert Westerholt Death (grunts)
George Oosthoek Death (grunts)
Peter Daltrey (Narration)

The Musicians:
Roland Bakker: All Hammonds
Jack Pisters: Sitar
Robby Valentine: All pianos, synth, mellotron
Erno Olah: Violins
Clive Nolan: Synth
Rene Merkelbach: Synth, harpsichord
Ton Scherpenzeel: Synth
Ed Warby: All drums
Arjen Lucassen: Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Mandoline, Bassguitar, Minimoog, Mellotron & Keyboards
Taco Kooistra: Celli
Thijs van Leer: Flute

Edward Reekersが、以下の曲にてヴォーカルで参加。
 Disc1-4.Time Beyond Time
 Disc2-4.Tower Of Hope
 Disc2-5.Cosmic Fusion a) I Soar On The Breeze
 Disc2-6.The Mirror Maze a) Inside The Mirror Maze
 Disc2-7.Evil Devolution
 Disc2-8.The Two Gates
 Disc2-10.Another Time, Another Space

Ton Scherpenzeelが、以下の曲にてシンセ・ソロで参加。
 Disc2-5.Cosmic Fusion c) The Passing Of An Eagle

- Universal Migrator part I: The Dream Sequencer (2000)
- Universal Migrator part I: The Dream Sequencer
Transmission Records [TM019]

1. The Dream Sequencer
2. My House On Mars
3. 2084
4. One Small Step
5. The Shooting Company of Captain Frans B. Cocq
6. Dragon On The Sea
7. Temple Of The Cat
8. Carried By The Wind
9. And The Druids Turn To Stone
10. The First Man On Earth
11. The Dream Sequencer Reprise

Produced and mixed by A.A. Lucassen and O. Holleman.

The Singers:
Johan Edlund
Floor Jansen
Lana Lane
Edward Reekers
Arjen Lucassen
Damian Wilson
Neal Morse
Mark McCrite

The Musicians:
Arjen Lucassen: Electric and acoustic guitars, bassguitar, analog synthesisers and keyboards. All guitar solos and synth melodies.
Erik Norlander: Analog synthesisers, keyboards, piano, vocoder voice and
Rob Snijders: Drums
Erik Norlander: Synth
Clive Nolan: Synth

Edward Reekersが、以下の曲にてヴォーカルで参加。
 4. One Small Step

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