Discography - Steve Howe (CD-ROM)

- Steve Howe Interactive CD-ROM (1999)
Steve Howe Interactive CD-ROM
Steve Howe Interactive CD-ROM
Beyond Sound

Disc #1
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Overview | re:View - retrospective
InnerViews - Behind-the-scenes interviews
SlideShow - virtual slide show
InConcert - excerpts from live shows
TrivaQuiz - test your know-Howe
Beginnings - guitar influence / training
Discography - album covers + text listing

MasterClass Performance Menu (see KISC #2 CONTENTS)

Links Re: sources Menu - website links

Disc #2
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MasterClass Quadrant Menu
Selection Menus - include Steve's introduction/background to each guitar piece, with performance view (front-row, center), and close-up view (picture-in-picture of right and left hands)
Spanish Guitar Compositions - Mood For A Day, The Revealing Science Of God, The Ancient (part 1+2), Surface Tension
Acoustic Guitar Compositions - Clap / Your Move / Starship Trooper (Disillusion) / Roundabout / And You And I / Turn Of The Century
Electric Guitar Composition - I've Seen All Good People / Starship Trooper (Life Seeker / Wurm) / Long Distance Runaround / Siberian Khatru / Close To The Edge / Tempus Fugit / +

Disc #3
Steve Howe Guitar Collection CD-ROM

Steve Howeの3枚組インタラクティヴCD-ROM。PC or MAC上で再生可能。

(資料提供: けろーるさん)

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