Discography - Lou Reed

- Lou Reed / Lou Reed (1972)
Lou Reed / Lou Reed
BMG [BVCM-35058 (74321-72712-2)

1.I Can't Stand It
2.Going Down
3.Walk And Talk It
4.Lisa Says
6.I Love You
7.Wild Child
8.Love Makes You Feel
9.Ride Into The Sun

Produced by Richard Robinson and Lou Reed
Arranged by Lou Reed

Engineer: Mike Bobak
Recorded at Morgan Studios, London

Lou Reed: Vocals & Guitar
Caleb Quaye: Electric & acoustic guitars, piano
Steve Howe: Electric guitar
Paul Keogh: Electric & acoustic guitars
Rick Wakeman: Piano
Les Hurdie:
Bass guitar
Brian Odgers: Bass guitar
Clem Cattini: Percussion
Kay Garner: Vocal harmonies
Helene Francois: Vocal harmonies

ヴェルベット・アンダー・グラウンドの中心メンバーだったLou Reedのバンド脱退後の1stソロアルバム。
Steve Howe と Rick Wakeman がゲスト参加。

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