Discography - Badger

- One Live Badger / Badger (1973)


1.Wheel Of Fortune
3.Wind Of Change
5.The Preacher
6.On The Way Home

Produced by Geoffrey Haslam, Badger and Jon Anderson

Tony Kaye: Keyboard
Dave Foster: Bass
Roy Dyke: Drums
Brian Parrish: Guitars

Yesの初代KeyboardであるTony KayeがYes脱退後に率いたバンドの1stアルバム。本作はライヴ録音であり、1972年12月15日、16日レインボーシアターでのYESのライヴに前座として出演した際に録音された。
BassにはJon AndersonとWarriors時代から付き合いがありYesの2ndアルバムで「Time And A Word」を共作したDavid Fosterが参加。
ジャケットはRoger Deanが描いたものです。

- White Lady / Badger (1974)
White Lady / Badger (1974)White Lady / Badger (1974)
Epic [EPC 80009]

Side I
1.A Dream Of You
2.Everybody _ Nobody
3.Listen To Me
4.Don't Pull The Trigger
5.Just The Way It Goes

Side II
1.White Lady
2.Be With You
3.Lord Who Give Me Life
4.One More Dream To Hold
5.The Hole Thing

Produced by Allen Toussaint

Jackie Lomax: rythm guitar, vocals
Tony Kaye: Keyboards, mellotron, Moog synthesizer
Paul Pilnick: lead guitar
Roy Dyke: drums
Kim Gardner: bass

All tunes by J.Lomax
* Lyrics by R. Ashley
Published by Xamol Music
Background Vocals & Horns
Arranged by Allen Toussaint
Recorded at Sea-Saint Recording Studio, New Orleans, La.
Re-mix Engineer: Bob Potter at Island Studios, London
Chief Engineer: Roberta Grace
Engineere Ken Laxton

Allen Taussaint* plays piano on:
Don't Pull the Trigger, Listen To Me;
organ on: One More Dream To Hold;
conga on: The Hole Thing, Everybody _ Nobody, Listen To Me, A Dream Of You

Barry Bailey plays slide guitar on:
Just the Way It Goes, Don't Pull The Trigger, Lord Who Give Me Life, Be With You, White Lady

Jeff Beck plays lead guitar solo on White Lady

Lester Caliste plays trumpet
Carl Blouin plays baritone sax, flute
Alvin Thomas plays trombone
Bryn Haworth plays slide guitar on Listen To Me by courtesy of Island Records
Background Vocals: Bobby Montgomery, Jessie Smith on Everybody _ Nobody, One More Dream To Hold
Mercedes Davis, Joan Harmon, Teresipa Henry on Be With You, White Lady, Listen To Me, Lord Who Give Me Life, A Dream Of You, Just The Way It Goes

Logistics: Henry Slater
Direction: Barry Hessenius

Thanks to the Ivanhoe Bar in New Orleans

* Courtesy, Warner Brothers Records
Cover art: David Croland
Photography: Lee Friendlander
Design: John Berg

Badgerの2ndアルバム。KeyboardのTony KayeとDrumのRoy Dyke以外、メンバーが大幅に入れ替わっている。

# 音を聴かなくても、ずらりとならんだホーンセクションのクレジットをみれば大体想像できると思いますが・・・。
さらに悪いことに、Tony Kayeの出しているKeyboardの音があまり聴こえないので、Tonyのソロトーン目当てでも、聴き所はあまり無さそう・・・。

Jeff Beckがゲスト参加しているところがウリといったところか。

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