Discography - Zones

- Under Influence / Zones (1979)
Under InfluenceUnder Influence

Side One
1.Do It All Again (Gardner)
2.Vision On (Gardner)
3.Deadly Dolls (Webb)
4.The End (Gardner)
5.Mainman (Gardner)

Side Two
1.You're Not Foolin' Me (Gardner/McIsaac)
2.Anything Goes (McIsaac)
3.Strength To Strength (Gardner)
4.Looking To The Future (Gardner)
5.Mourning Star (Gardner)

Willy Gardner: Lead guitar, lead vocals
Billy McIsaac: Keyboards and vocals
Russell Webb: Bass guitar and vocals
Kenny Hyslop: Drums, percussion

Producer: Tim Friese-Greene
Engineer: Richard Manwaring
Recorded at The Manor
Mixed at Wessex Studios

Design and Art Direction: Paul Henry
Photography: Trevor Rogers
Graphics: Graphyk

Thanks to: Big T, Ralph, Jools, Midge, Ca Va, The Manor Brigade,
Commander Adai, The Tam Contingent, Everybody at Arista.

Zonesは、元SlikのメンバーであるBilly McIsaac、Kenny Hyslopの2人が在籍しており、Slikの後身バンドともいえる。
また、The Armoury ShowSkidsのメンバーであったRussell Webbも在籍していた。