Discography - Porcupine Tree

- Lightbulb Sun (2000)
Lightbulb Sun / Porcupine Tree
Kscope [SMACD827]

1.Lightbulb Sun
2.How Is Your Life Today?
3.Four Chords That Made A Million
5.Last Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled
6.The Rest Will Flow
8.Where We Would Be
9.Russia On Ice
10.Feel So Low

All titles written by Willson except:
"Hatesong" by Edwin, Wilson / "Russia On Ice" by Barbieri, Edwin, Maitland, Wilson
Arrangements by Porcupine Tree.
Produced and recorded by Steven Wilson.
Recorede at Foel Studio, Llanfair Caerinon, Wales and at No Man's Land, Hemel Hempstead Nov 1999-Jan 2000.
Mixed at No Man's Land Feb 2000.
Strings arranged and produced by Dave Gregory at Christchurch Studios, Clifton, Bristol Jan 2000.
Recorded digitally at 24 bit - mixed to half inch analogue tape at 30 ips.
Mastered by Chris Blair at Abbey Road, London, 7th March 2000.
Chris Maitland uses Zildjian cymbals. Steven Wilson uses Boots nasal spray.
Richard Babrieri uses outdated keyboards.

Covered photograph by John Foxx. Group portraits by Luigi Colasanti Antonelli.
All other photography by John Foxx and Luigi Colasanti Antonelli.

元JAPANのRichard Barbieriが参加しているユニット"Porcupine Tree"のアルバム"Lightbulb Sun"。
ジャケット写真デザインをJohn Foxxが担当。