Discography - Metamatics

- Music For Heroes Three / V.A. (2004)
Music For Heroes Three / V.A. (2004)
Hydrogen Dukebox Records [Duke 129]

1.Norken - Motorbreeze (Remodeled by Swamay)
2.A1 People - The Reason (Radio Edit)
3.3rd Eye Parametrics - Inner Thoughts
4.Pentatonik - Better To Have Loved...
5.Lithium Project - Majik Kiosk
6.Plumbline - 212 E10
7.Globo - Stop The Scientists
8.Nacht Plank - Nonant (Andreas Tillander Mix)
9.The Experiment - Walkaway
10.Technova - Watching
11.Metamatics - 4AM on Spectre Canal (John Foxx Remix)

Metamaticsというアーティストの曲"4am On Spectre Canal"のRemixをJohn Foxxが担当。
John Foxxらしく仕上がっている。

- 3 Jak And Dive / Metamatics (2005)

Hydrogen Dukebox [DUKE 141 CD]


1. Common Ghost
2. Free Robot
3. 3 Jak And Dive
4. Saint Ever
5. First Temptation
6. Lo Fi Sci Fi 2005
7. Play Off
8. Manchester/Sheffield
9. Bubbleboarded
10. Busking Robot
11. Vlokal
12. Pebble
13. Stop This

EP (With Limited Edition Only)
NidroHainEp, Duke141CDF, Limited Edition
1.4am On Spectra Canal
3.Her Second Winter
4.Keek Komplet
6.My Frozen Hands

John Foxxのヴォーカルをフィーチャーした曲"Free Robot"が収録されたMetamaticsの6作目のアルバム。
Limited Editionには6曲入りEPが付いた2枚組仕様となっていた。

- Free Robot 12" / Metamatics And John Foxx (2005)
Free Robot 12"Free Robot 12"
Dukebox Records Limited 2005 [Duke 140 DJV]

A01. Free Robot 12" Album Version
B01. Trinity's Ghost
B02. Free Robot Radio Edit Version

Written By Lee Norris And John Foxx
Published By Hydrogen Dukebox Music / Quiet Man Music
Copyright Control 50 Norris / 50 Foxx Vocal On Free Robot By John Foxx
Courtesy Of Metamatic www.metamatic.com www.neoouija.com
Art Direction By Studio Thomson
Photography By Lewis Mulatero, P & C Hydrogen, Dukebox Records Limited 2005

John Foxxのヴォーカルをフィーチャーした曲"Free Robot"の12インチシングル。