- Play / Magazine (1980)
Play / Magazine

Virgin Record Ltd [CDV 2184]

1.Give Me Everything
2.A Song From Under The Floorboards
4.The Light Pours Out Of Me
5.Model Worker
7.Thanky You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) *
8.Because You're Frightened
9.Twenty Years Ago
10.Definitive Gaze

All Lyrics By Howard Devoto
Except * Sly Stone/Sylvester Stewart
Produced By Magazine & John Brand
Recorded At Melbourne Festival Hall
6th September 1980
Engineer: John Brand
Assistant Engineer: Paul Frindle
Stage: Malfunctions
All Tracks Published By Virgin Music (Publishers) LTD. Except *Carlin Music Corp

Howard Devoto: Vocals
Barry Adamson: Bass Guitar
John Doyle: Drums
Dave Formula: Keyboards
Robin Simon: Guitar

MagazineはBuzzcocksを離れたHoward Devotoが1977年に結成したバンド。Visageにも参加した John McGeoch、Barry Adamson、Dave Formulaも在籍。
本作は1980年9月6日にMelbourne Festival Hallでライヴレコーディングされた作品である。
また、John Foxx期Ultravoxの2代目ギタリストとしてアルバム"Systems Of Romance"で耽美的なギターを弾いていたRobin Simonが参加している。


- Rays And Hail, 1978-81 / Magazine (1993)

Rays & Hail, 1978-81 / Magazine

Virgin Record Ltd [CDVM 9020 / 0777 7 87959 2 6]

1.Shot By Both Sides
2.Definitive Gaze
4.The Light Pours Out Of Me
5.Feed The Enemy
6.Rhythm Of Cruelty
7.Back To Nature
9.Because You're Frightened
10.You Never Knew Me
11.A Song From Under The Floorboards
12.I Want To Burn Again
13.About THe Weather

2,3,4, From 'Real Life' CDV2100
5,6,7,8, From the Lp 'Secondhand Daylight' CDV2156
9,10,11,12, From 'The Correct Use Of Soap' CDV2156
13, From 'Magic, Murder And The Weather' CDV2200

All Tracks Published By EMI Virgin Music Ltd.
The Copyright In This Recordings Is Owned By Virgin Records Ltd.

Robin Simonが関わっているのはPlay収録のものと同ヴァージョンの14曲目"Parade"のみ。

以下はMagazineのBootleg VIDEO 。紹介する2本はどちらもギターを弾くRobin Simonの勇姿が見られます。

- Rock Palast / Magazine (19??)
Rock Palast / Magazine

VIDEO MUSIC [07175] 40min

2.I'm A Party
3.Great Beautician
5.The Light Pours Out Of Me
6.Model Worker
7.Thank You Falettin/ Bemeself Again
8.Because You're Frightend
9.Shot By Both Sides

ドイツの番組Rock Palastでの演奏。演奏日は1980年10月30日。

(情報提供: mozzさん)


- Night Moves / Magazine (19??)

Night Moves / Magazine


1.Feed The Enemy
2.Song From Under The Floorboards, A
3.Model Worker
4.Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)
5.Shot By Both Sides


(情報提供: mozzさん)


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