Midge Ure Solo Discography - Compilation Album

- If I Was : The Very Best Of Midge Ure & Ultravox (1993)
If I Was

If I Was
If I WasIf I Was
EMI Records Group North America Chrysalis [0946 3 21995 2 2]

1.If I Was すべての愛は君だけに
2.No Regret
3.Love's Great Adventure 恋はグレイト・アドヴェンチャー
4.Dear God
5.Cold Cold Heart
7.Call Of The Wild
8.After A Fashion
9.Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
10.All Fall Down
11.Yellow Pearl
12.Fade To Grey
13.Reap The Wild Wind
14.Answers To Nothing
15.Do They Know It's Christmas
16.That Certain Smile 君の微笑み

17.The Man Who Sold The World 世界を売った男 *

- Compilation Album

12.Visage、、、 8.with Mick Karn、 11.with Philip Lynott、 15.Band Aid

* in EMI Records Group North America Chrysalis [0946 3 21995 2 2]

1993年直後に起こったUltravoxの名曲"Vienna"の突然のリバイバルヒットがきっかけ(?)で登場したスーパー・ベストアルバム。これ1枚でVisageからソロになるまで及び一連のプロジェクトと、Midgeの軌跡をたどることができ、また同時に、テクノポップ、ニュー・ロマンティクスシーンにおける彼の偉大さもわかる。アフリカの飢餓救済のための歴史的プロジェクトであるBand Aidの名曲"Do They Know It's Christmas"も収録。
掲載したジャケ写真のうち、上は日本盤、下はNorth America盤である。North America盤には"The Man Who Sold The World"が一曲多く収録され、ジャケットの裏面には"Slik"、"Rich Kids"、"The Bloodied Sword"等の貴重なジャケ写真も掲載されている。

- If I Was (1997)
If I Was
Disky Communications Europe B.V. [DC 868792]

1.If I Was すべての愛は君だけに
2.That Certain Smile 君の微笑み
3.When The Winds Blow 風の訪れ
4.Living In The Past
7.The Gift
8.Answers To Nothing
9.Remembrance Day
10.Sister And Brother (Duet Vocals Kate Bush)
11.Hell To Heaven
12.Take Me Home


- No Regrets (2000)
No Regrets
EMI GOLD [7243 5 27591 2 5] (Exclusive Version)

No Regrets
EMI GOLD [7243 5 28562 2 0] (General Version)

No Regrets
DISKY [SI 997912]

Studio set:
1. No Regrets
2. After a Fashion
3. Textures (Originally the B-side of After a Fashion).
4. If I Was (single edit)
5. The Man Who Sold the World (Originally the extra track on the If I Was 12").
6. That Certain Smile (single edit)
7. Wastelands (single edit)
8. Call of the Wild
9. Answers to Nothing (single edit)

Live set:
10. Fade to Grey
11. When the Winds Blow
12. After a Fashion
13. The Chieftain / The Dancer
14. All Fall Down
15. Strange Brew
16. Dear God
17. Just For You

Track 4,6,7 & 9: Single Edit
Track 10: Recorded live at rehearsals 27th September 1985.
Tracks 11 & 12: Recorded live at Wembley Arena 23rd December 1985. Originally the B-sides of the Call of the Wild 7" and 12".
Track 13: Recorded live at Wembley Arena 23rd December 1985. Originally the B-side of the Wastelands 7" and 12".
Tracks 14 & 15: Recorded live at The Venue, Edinburgh on 21st November, 1988. Extra tracks on the Limited Edition 12" version of the Dear God single.
Tracks 16 & 17: Recorded live at The Venue, Edinburgh on November 21st, 1988. Would have been the B-sides of the NEVER RELEASED Sister and Brother 7" and 12".

Midge Ureのレアトラック満載のコンピ盤。
4曲のSingle Editを含むStudio Setと、レアなライヴ音源を集めたLive Setからなる。"Texture"は"After A Fashion"のB面のCD化。
Live Setは、Midgeのヴォーカルによる"Fade To Grey"、"Astradyne"のフレーズまで飛び出す"The Dancer"、Creamのカヴァー"Strange Brew"等、聴きどころが多い。Midgeファンは必聴。
ジャケットは"Exclusive Version"(上)と"General Version"(下)で異なる。その後、DISKYから廉価盤も発売された。

- The Very Best Of Midge Ure & Ultravox (2001)
The Very Best Of Midge Ure & Ultravox
EMI [7243 5 35811 2 1]

2.No Regrets
3.If I Was
4.Reap The Wild Wind
5.The Voice
6.All Stood Still
8.The Thin Wall
9.We Came To Dance
10.Visions In Blue
13.Call Of The Wild
15.Beneath A Spielberg Sky
16.You Move Me
17.One Small Day
18.Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
19.Loves Great Adventure

2001年発売のMidge UreとUltravoxの曲から選曲されたコンピレーション・アルバム。

- Little Orphans (2001)
Little Orphans
Environment [envcd 002]

1.Get A Life
2.What Would You Do?
3.Celtic Rising
4.The Love You Gave
6.Feel So Good
7.Trying Now
10.All For Love
11.Your Religion
12.What's Out There?
13.Personal Heaven

Midge Ureの未発表曲&デモ集。
CDジャケットには、Midge Ureによる各曲の直筆の説明入り。(その説明を今、解読しています・・・。各曲のコメント等は、しばらくお待ち下さい・・・。相変わらずMidgeの字は汚いです。(^^;)

- Finest (2004)
EMI [7243 5 77486 2 9] (CCCD)

3.New Europeans
4.Passionate Reply
6.Face To Face
7.The Thin Wall
8.We Stand Alone
9.I Never Wanted To Begin (12" Version)
10.Private Lives (Live)
11.Paths And Angels
12.When The Scream Subsides
13.We Came To Dance (12" Version) <--- Mistake!
14.Visions In Blue
15.Monument (Live)

2.Passing Strangers (Live)
4.Heart Of The Country
5.White China
6.One Small Day (12" Version)
8.Loves Great Adventure
9.Same Old Story
10.All Fall Down (Live)
11.No Regrets
12.Fade To Grey (Live)
13.Call Of The Wild
14.The Man Who Sold The World
15.Dear God

All tracks by Ultravox except CD2 tracks 10-15, Midge Ure

2004年に発売されたMidge Ure期のUltravoxとMidge Ureのソロを収録した2枚組コンピレーション盤。
CCCD(Copy Controlled CD)仕様。

なお、Disc-1 13曲目のWe Came To Dance (12" Version) は間違い。