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- Spirit Voices / The King's Singers (1997)
Spirit Voices / The King's Singers (1997)
BMG Music [09026 68436-2]

1.Lift The Wings (Bill Whelan)
2.Spirit Voices (Paul Simon)
3.She Moved Through The Fair (trad. arr: Daryl Runswick) with Tom Harrell, trumpet
4.In Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel)
5.Fragile (Sting)
6.Kokomo (Mike Love - Terry Melcher - John Phillips - Scott McKenzie)+ a new interpretation of The Beach Boys Classic
7.Please Let Me Wonder (Mike Love - Brian Wilson)+ a new interpretation of The Beach Boys Classic
8.Weather With You (Tim & Neil Finn)+ a new interpretation of The Crowded House Classic
9.Vienna (Allen-Cann-Currie-Ure)+ with Midge Ure, guest lead vocal & electric guitar
10.Golden Brown (Burnel-Cornwell-Duffy-Greenfield)+ a new interpretation of The Stranglers classic
11.Love Is Stranger Than Pride (Adu-Matthewmann-Hall)+ a new interpretation of The Sade Classic.
12.Magic Castle
13.Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime (Warren) a new interpretation of the Korgis Classic
14.The Lord's Prayer (Malotte) a new interpretation of The Beach Boys Classic

The King's Singers:
David Hurley, counter-tenor
Nigel Short, counter-tenor
Bob Chilcott, tenor
Bruce Russell, Baritone
Philip Lawson, baritone
Gabriel Crouch, baritone
Stephen Connolly, bass

[1],[3],[6],[7],[14] - Produced by Bruce Johnston
[2],[4],[5],[11] - Produced by Jeremy Wall
[8],[9],[10],[13] - Produced by Steve Levine for Man Made Soul Ltd.

本作品はイギリスのコーラスグループThe King's Singersによる過去にヒットした名曲のカヴァー集。
Ultravoxの場合Viennaが取り上げられており、コーラスグループによるViennaのカヴァーというだけでも異色作だが、注目すべき点はMidge UreがGuest Lead Vocal及びelectric guitarで参加し、セルフカヴァーしているということ。
他には、The Beach Boys, Sting, Paul Simon, Sade, Peter Gabrielなどお馴染みのアーティストの作品が取りあげられている。

- To Cut A Long Story Short - a tribute to the pioneers of electronic pop/ V.A. (1995)
 To Cut A Long Story Short - a tribute to the pioneers of electronic pop/ V.A. (1995)
Energy Rekords Deutschland [ERCD083]

1."To Cut A Long Story Short" - Spandau Ballet / Elegant Machinery
2."Planet Earth" - Duran Duran / S.P.O.C.K.
3."Underpass (click, click, drone)" - John Foxx / Attrition
4."Being Boiled" - Human League / Awful Noise Corporation
5."The Damned Don't Cry" - Visage / Psyche
6."Space Age Love Song" - A Flock Of Seagulls / Dark Distant Spaces
7."Are Friends Electric" - Gary Numan / Devoid
8."White China" - Ultravox / Biomekkanoid
9."Electricity" - OMD / Page
10."20th Century Promised Land" - Simple Minds / Diesel Chist
11."Living On The Cealing" - Blancmange / Mortal Memories
12."Love Needs No Disguise" - Dramatis / Moulin Noir
13."Seconds" - Human League / All For One
14."Sweet Dreams" - Eurythmics / Automatic
15."Love Parasite" - Fad Gadget / Brain Leisure
16."Visions(Of China)" - Japan / Wallin & Tisa
17."International" - Thomas Leer / Blue For Two

Concept and compilation by Krister Svensson.
Artwork and graphic design by Spongy.
Released 1995 by Energy Rekords.

## 個人的な感想ですが、(^^; 企画自体は面白いが、特にすぐれたカヴァー集という感じはしませんでした。

- We Came To Dance (Featuring Midge Ure) / Tron (2000)
We Came To Dance (Featuring Midge Ure) / Tron (2000)
Mystic Records Ltd. [MYS CD 507]

1.We Came To Dance (single mix)
2.Discover Peace Garden
3.We Came To Dance (earth mix)
4.Far Away Space Man
5.Uranium (instrumental)

Jamie Winterton: Drums
Mark Landagan: Bass
Stephen Landagan: Guitar
Dejan Djordjevic: Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars, Piano

Vocals on "We Came To Dance" by Midge Ure and Dejan Djordjevic, and add. e. percussion by Warren Cann.

Produced and Engineered by Dejan Djordjevic. Recorded, mixed and mastered in the TARDIS, London, 1999.

Ultravoxの名曲"We Came To Dance"をカヴァーしたTronのシングルCD。クレジットからもわかるとおりMidge UreのVocaと、Warren Cannのドラムをサンプリングして使用している。

- Master Of Chant / Gregorian (2000)
Master Of Chant / Gregorian (2000)
Network Record Inc. [NXCA-00010]

1.Brothers In Arms / Mark Knopfler
2.Scarborough Fair / Traditional, Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel
3.Tears In Heaven / Will Jennings, Eric Clapton
4.Still I'm Sad / Paul Samwell-Smith, Gim McCarthy
5.When A Man Loves A Woman / Calvin Lewis, Andrew Wright
6.Nothing Else Matters / James Helfield, Lars Ulrich
7.Fade To Grey / Midge Ure, Billy Currie, Christopher John Payne
8.Losing My Religion / William T.Berry, Lawrence P.Buck, Michel E.Mills, Stipe
9.Vienna / Midge Ure, Warren Cann, Billy Currie, Christopher Allen
10.The Sound Of Silence / Paul Simon
11.Sebastian / Steve Harley
12.Don't Give Up / Peter Gabriel
13.I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For / Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen
14.Save A Prayer / Nicholas Bates, Simon LeBon, Andrew Taylor, Nigel Taylor, Roger Taylor

VisageのFade To Grey、UltravoxのViennaをカヴァー。

- Future Shocking Pink / リトル・クリーチャーズ (2001)

Future Shocking Pink / リトル・クリーチャーズ (2001)
フェイスレコーズ [BFCA85006]

1.mosquito curtain
2.house of piano
3.new europeans
4.town's soul
5.blossom inlaid
6.dead p.c.
8.apex, the
9.he passed deeply
11.far and wide
12.no rail trains

"New Europeans"を大胆なアレンジでカヴァー。

(資料提供: Karaさん)

A Whole Lot Of Nothing / Clawfinger (2001)
A Whole Lot Of Nothing / Clawfinger
BMG [BVCP-21238]

1.Two Steps Away
2.Out to Get Me
3.Nothing Going On
4.Are You Man Enough?
7.Don't Look at Me
8.Simon Says
9.Burn in Hell
10.I Close My Eyes
13.Viena (Ure/Cann/Currie/Allen)
14.Manic Depression (Jimi Hendrix)
15.Fake a Friend

16.The Ocean (Page/Plant/Bonham/Jones)
17.Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Waters/Wright/Gilmour)


(資料提供: 桃児さん)

- Vain Glory Opera / Edguy (1999)
Vain Glory Opera / Edguy

2.Until We Rise Again
3.How Many Miles
4.Scarlet Rose
5.Out Of Control
6.Vain Glory Opera
8.Walk On Fighting
10.No More Foolin'
12.But Here I Am


(資料提供: ともともさん)

- Very / Dreamscape (1999)
Very / Dreamscape

1.When Shadows Are Gone
2.Lost Faith
3.Thorn In My Mind
5.A Voice Inside
6.Winter Dreams
7.Fearing The Daylight
8.I Leave The Past Behind
9.Alone - Panterei Part I
10.She's Flying - Panterei Part II
11.A New Beginning - Panterei Part III
12.Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
13.Fateful Silence

Dancing With Tears In My Eyesをカヴァー。こちらも前述のEdguy同様に、原曲のイメージを崩さずに上手くメタル風味な味付けがされている。
Thin LizzyのMidge Ure期のUltravoxの曲というのはギターの音がハードロック寄りだが、これがメタルのアレンジをしても意外と違和感無いことがわかる。

(資料提供: ともともさん)

- Taragon / Freedom Call (1999)
Taragon / Freedom Call

1.Warriors Of Light
2.Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
3.Heart Of The Brave
4.Kingdom Come (EP-Version)
5.Tears Of Taragon (Story Version)

ジャーマンメタルバンドFreedom Callの5曲入りミニアルバム。
"Dancing With Tears In My Eyes"をメタルなアレンジでカヴァー。

- Emotional Amputation / Transparent Sound (2002)
Emotional Amputation / Transparent Sound
Electrix Records [Electrixcd001]

1.Emotional Amputation
2.Dead Reckoning
3.Fade To Grey
4.Strip Lit Sex
6.Small Indignities
7.Open Your Box
8.Paranoid Potential
9.Improbable You
10.Lego Hair
11.Memory Baggage
12.Gritty Glamour

Transparent Sound are:
Mr Orson Bramley and Mr Martin Brown

Tracks 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12 written and produced by Mr Orson Bramley & Mr Martin Brown.
Track 3: Replayed by Transparent Sound. Vocals by Carl A Finlow.

Additional production and layout by James Harrison. Original written by Midge Ure, Billy Currie, Christopher payne
Published by Universal Music/Performance Music. Original released on Polydor records 1980.

Track 8: Additional arrangement by Gavin Weale.

All tracks recorded and produced at the Chille Plant.

Kraftwerk的というか、最近のKarl Bartos的なテクノポップ炸裂のTransparent Soundのアルバム。
VisageのFade To Greyをカヴァー。Karl BartosがFade To Greyをカヴァーしたような雰囲気の曲になってます。

- Swedish Dance Traxx / V.A. (1999)
Swedish Dance Traxx

M2. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Radio Edit) / Dayeene
M13. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Stone's Remix) / Dayeene


(画像提供、及びコメント: Amabileさん)

- Dancing With Tears In My Eyes / Novaspace (????)

A1. Extended Version
B1. Nova Mix (ClubMix)

シンディ・ローパーの「Time After Time」のトランス・カヴァーで有名。

(画像提供、及びコメント: Amabileさん)

- Pieces / Sam Alex (2004)
Pieces / Sam Alex

1.Back In Love
2.Do It Your Way
3.Chance To Win
4.Saturday Night
5.Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
6.Feel The Fire
7.Magic Breeze
8.Tears Falling Like Rain
9.Sounds Like A Melody
10.Get It All
11.Lonely (bonus track)
12.Hold On

Produced by Bobby Altvater

ドイツのメロディアス・ハードロック系のヴォーカリストであるSam Alexのデビューアルバム。
ハードロック系のアレンジで"Dancing With Tears In My Eyes"をカヴァー。

- Electric Pop 3 / V.A. (2004)
Electric Pop 3

CD2 10.Damned Don't Cry / Punx Soundcheck

本2枚組コンピレーションCD中で、Punx SoundcheckというバンドがVisageの"Damned Don't Cry"をカヴァー。

- Galactic Gigolo / Savas Pascalidis (2003)


(画像提供、及びコメント: Amabileさん)