Discography - Anne Clark

- Pressure Points / Anne Clark (1985)
Pressure Points / Anne Clark
Virgin [DIX CD 18 (0777 7 86844 2 8)]

2.Red Sands
3.Alarm Call
5.The Interruption
6.The Power Game
7.World Without Warning
9.Lovers Retreat

All tracks were produced by John Foxx except "The Power Game" which was produced by Anne Clark and David Harrow.

Anne Clark wrote all of the texts.
All of the music on side one is by John Foxx.
All the music on side two is the concerred work of Jim Manray, Steve Kilbourne, John Nyles and Tony Koreyki, except "The Power Game" in which case David Harrow wrote the music.
All tracks were recorded at The Garden Studio, London during July 1985 except "The Power Game" which was recorded at The Point Studio, London in March 1985.
Sound engineers were Richard Whalley (The Garden) and "Paul O'Duffy"(The Point).

Anne Clarkのアルバム。9曲中5曲(1〜5)がJohn Foxxの作曲で、9曲中8曲(6.以外)が1985年7月にGarden Studioにてレコーディングされている。
サウンド的にはFoxx色が強く、 The Golden Section、In Mysterious Waysに近い感じです。