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ところで「You Tube」でミッジ ユーロ見ました。
そこには、LIVE AIDの映像ともうひとつ、ミニムーグ触って

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本日届いたMetamatic Updateの転載です。



John has launched an audio/visual company called Metamedia and the
first thing that's being done is making a move into the world of
mobile phones. In the coming weeks you'll see additional platforms
made available where you can catch up with what John is up to and buy
content for your mobile phone.

To celebrate this we are launching our first John Foxx mobile
competition giving you the chance to win some great prizes.

The winner will receive - a signed one-off presentation booklet for
"Tiny Colour Movies", a signed copy of the ultra-rare "Cathedral
Oceans" book, a "From Trash" T-Shirt (which will give the winner free
access to a gig later this year) and signed copies of the "Sideways"
album and new "Cathedral Oceans" DVD.

This competition is for UK residents only. We'll be running
additional services for fans outside the UK later in the year.

For your chance to win, simply answer the following question:

What's the name of the album John Foxx and Louis Gordon recorded at
the same time as last year's "From Trash" CD?

Was it A) "Metamatic" B) "Systems of Romance" or C) "Sideways"

To win simply text Foxx and either A, B, or C to 83149

Which reads; Foxx (then leave a space) then A, B or C to 83149

E.G. Foxx A

Each text entry costs £1.00 plus your standard network rate!

Text entry costs £1.00 plus your standard network rate. This is NOT a
subscription service and you will NOT be re-billed. Competition open
to UK residents only! You must be 16 years and over to enter and the
winner will be notified by mobile phone after the closing date : 31st
of May 2007. The competition is run by Moyst Ltd. info@moyst.com


Purchase new wallpapers for your mobile - only 50p each!

Text Foxx, Oceans or Sideways to 83070 for the wallpaper of your choice.

For example; If you wish to purchase the "Oceans" wallpaper simply
text : Oceans to 83070

Each wallpaper costs 50p. This is NOT a subscription service and you
will NOT be re-billed. Only available to UK Residents!. Service
provided by Moyst Ltd. If you experience difficulty downloading your
wallpapers please contact : info@moyst.com.


Metamatic Update 28.03.2007 投稿者:邪外(JAGE) / 管理者 投稿日:2007/04/01(Sun) 13:59 No.9  
一昨日届いたMetamatic Updateの転載です。


Just a very quick note to let you all know that Louis Gordon
(everybody's favourite unsung hero of the Manchester underground) has
created a brand new eight-track mini-album entitled "Goodbye Walnut
Road". This eclectic collection (available on download), which Louis
has put together especially for Northern Star Records
(http://www.northernstarrecords.co.uk/), is a further exploration of
his love of electronica and acoustic based songs.
The track-listing is as follows...

01. Short Walk Long Shadow
02. Always Be Around
03. See You in the Morning
04. Your Looking For
05. Fishing My Life Away
06. Generations
07. Life is Like An Ocean
08. The Blackspot

Order your copy on-line at :

Progressive Station
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