Discography - Jerney Kaagman

- Run / Jerney Kaagman (1987)
Run / Jerney Kaagman (1987)
Poydor [833 920-1](LP)

Marketed by Polydor
Printed in Holand.

1.Quuen Of Hearts (Ton Scherpenzeel, Irene Linders)
2.The Man Of Love (Bert Ruiter, Edwin Schimscheimer)
3.Don't Say It (Bert Ruiter, Edwin Schimscheimer)
4,Running Away From Love (Ton Scherpenzeel, Irene Linders)

1.I Don't Wanna Talk About It (Bert Ruiter, Edwin Schimscheimer)
2.Tell Me (Guus Willemse)
3.You've Got To Believe (Bert Ruiter, Edwin Schimscheimer)
4.Dance To The Music (Bert Ruiter, Edwin Schimscheimer)
5.Victim Of The Night ((Bert Ruiter, Catmusic)

A-1A-,4 Belladonna Music/The company

B-2; Basart p 1987 Polydor B.V.
B-4; Catmusic c 1987 Polydor B.V.

Keyboards: Edwin Schimscheimer, Ton Scherpenzeel
Guitars: Tjeerd van Zanen, Age Kat
Additional percussion: Ad Tamboer, Max Werner
Backing vacals: Justine Pelmelay, Carmen Sars, Edwin Schimscheimer, Rene Portegies, Irene Linders

Engineered by Michiel Hoogenboezem, Pieter Nieboer
Assistent engineer Albert Hartwig
Mixed by Michiel Hoogenboezem
Edited by Henk Hoden
Produced by Bert Ruiter
Co-producer Ton Scherpenzeel

Recorded and mixed at Wisseloord Hilversum Holland
Victim of the night': re-mixd by Sander Bos
Produced by Bert Ruiter and Cat music
Recorded at Cat studio's

Thanks to Bart,Inge,Joke,
and Emile

Special thanks to Yvonne, Fres and Guido
Cover phote Ronnie Hertz
Bookings & Infomation 015-135607
Fanclub Postbus 413
2600 AK Delft

Earth & FireのヴォーカリストJerney Kaagmanのソロアルバム。Side-A.1及びSide-A.4の Ton Scherpenzeelと Irene Lindersでクレジットされている曲は、作曲をTon Scherpenzeel、作詞をIrene Lindersが担当。
KAYAKのメンバーは、Ton Scherpenzeel、 Irene Lindersの他に、
Max Wernerが参加。

(資料提供: トシ@ゲヘホフさん)

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